Kontraktor rumah dan bangungan. PT Advicon Indonesia

About Us

Advicon adalah kontraktor rumah dan bangunan. We construct residence house, office, shop, warehouse and other buildings. This has the uniqueness itself. The uniqueness of a every personal is the basis for us to do any of our work. Experienced since 2000, making us understand the needs of our clients.

logonyaSupported by a qualified human resources and experience over the years, PT. Advicon Indonesia believes it can do the construction work in accordance with the wishes of our clients personally. On the basis of these ideas we always strive to meet the demands of our clients to the maximum quality.

Carrying the motto “Build Your Perfection”, PT. Indonesia Advicon perfection present to meet you in a variety of construction services, namely:
1. General Contractor
2. Building Material Supplier
3. Architecture Design – Associate With Studio One
4. Interior Design – Associate With LimaDC

PT. Advicon Indonesia founded by Hendrik Wijaya ST., MT.
Born in 1986, Hendrik had been experienced in the world of construction since the time of study in high school. Trought his experiences, Hendrik got degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Pelita Harapan with cum laude graduate and was awarded as the best graduate in Civil Engineering in 2008.

With the addition of capital to move in the world of building contractors, Hendrik continued his studies at Pascasarja Masters program with a concentration in Structure at the University Tarumanegara structure. His interest in the academic world, besides his busy as Director of PT. Advicon Indonesia, Hendrik is also active as a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering and the University of Pelita Harapan University and Mercu Buana University.


1. General Contractor
The application of the rules of the structure is mainly in the construction of a building plan. Suported by qualified human resources makes PT. Advicon Indonesia as your construction quality assurance. Our existence as a building material suppliers gives us better access to the use of construction materials so your prices competitive and compete a distinct advantage for our General Contractor Division.

2. Architecture Design – Associate With Studio One
When your inspiration and aesthetics to meet the style of your building, PT. Indonesia Advicon provide architectural design services. With “fresh style” that is different from other works of art. We present a unique architectural masterpiece and is only intended specifically for you personally according to your lifestyle. We present a special design more than what you ever imagined.

3. Interior Design
PT. Indonesia Advicon provide interior design solutions to you with maximum space utilization and imaging space refers to the characteristics of the materials and products are displayed according to the needs and functions of each.